BetterBot Update Announcement: Improved Multifamily ChatBot User Experience

Exciting news! BetterBot has been working hard to make sure that improvements are constantly being made for the ease of users. One of the most exciting improvements is the new and improved user experience. Here are some of the things that you will now see:

  • Updated Graphics
  • Cleaner User Experience

Updated Graphics

In the bot, you will now find updated icons and graphics throughout the bot. These are designed to help the user find what they are looking for more straightforwardly. It’s also abundantly clear when prospects are conducting their apartment search with these newly updated graphics. 

Cleaner User Experience

With the new and improved demo bot, users will find their experience more straightforward and cleaner. For instance, the back button has been moved to a more prominent position to access this control. 

Again, BetterBot is constantly improving so that customers can get the most out of this product. With the latest update, including updated graphics and user experience, prospective renters will improve their experience significantly. For more information on optimizing your bot to the fullest, check out our article on ways to make your bot even better


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Well hello there.