Ways To Make Your Bot Even Better

Having a bot on your website is one of the first ways you can help your office staff. By easing the qualification process, you allow your team to focus on what’s in front of them. But how can you take your bot to the next level? We have put together a comprehensive list of ways that you can make your bot even better, which include: 

  1. Customized Avatar
  2. Brand Colors
  3. Specific Call To Action 
  4. Accurate Information
  5. Virtual Tours

1. Customized Avatar

By customizing your avatar, you can promote brand awareness and consistency. You will want your prospective residents to recognize your brand and be aware that you are there to help. Of course, they will know they are using a bot that users appreciate because you are transparent. However, they will also see that your company is associated with the bot and that the two are working together to help them. If you are using BetterBot, it is easy to customize your avatar in your user dashboard.

2. Brand Colors

Again, it is vital to utilize a bot that partners well with your branding, and colors are a huge part of that. Colors are one of the main things that people identify with your brand. You want to make sure your colors are consistent on all public-facing materials. This means you should always use the same colors, not mix-matching different shades trying to find the correct colors. One way to do this is to identify your brand’s HEX colors. If your company utilizes BetterBot, it is also effortless to update your brand colors in the dashboard so that your bot creates a cohesive look and feel on your site. 

3. Specific Call To Action (CTA)

Your bot must capture the attention of your prospective residents and current residents, so they know where to find it. Having a specific call to action on your bot will allow you the opportunity to capture your audience. For example, BetterBot has three text bubbles above any avatar, which default to Schedule An Appointment, Check Availability, and Pricing/Specials. However, this can be easily changed to whatever makes sense for your specific community—having that customized CTA will take your bot to the next level and allow for even more interaction. 

4. Accurate Information

Having accurate information on your site is vital to your brand’s credibility. If you have misinformation displayed, your customers may start to doubt the quality of your brand. Therefore, it’s important to periodically check and make sure you are showing the most accurate information. It is best practice to review your information once a quarter, but if you can once a month, it would be ideal. In an industry that is constantly changing and improving, it’s essential to make sure you share the best your communities have to offer. 

5. Virtual Tours

Pre-pandemic, virtual tours were becoming increasingly popular. Post-pandemic, they are non-negotiable. Users are looking for information at their fingertips, and virtual tours are primary ways they can find what they are looking for. You can take advantage of virtual tours on many platforms, but you can also easily create your own with an iPhone and a login to YouTube. If you are using BetterBot, you can upload your virtual tours in just about any format, and your users will be able to view virtual tours right there in your bot. They never have to leave your property website, and they can quickly move on to the next step of scheduling a visit. 

If you have a bot on your website, that is a significant first step! We want to remind you of how you can continue to improve your bot, including a customized avatar, brand colors, specific call to action, accurate information, and virtual tours. By sprucing up your bot in these core areas, you will find that your bot is in a perfect position to handle the volumes of traffic hitting your property website. For more information on BetterBot’s platform, CLICK HERE.

5 Ways to Guide Your Multifamily Chatbot Solution

What makes a great chatbot solution? To us, it comes down to the level of engagement your bot can create with your audience. The best bots are conversational, informative, and ultimately, helpful in pointing both prospective and current renters toward the right answers. This is easier said than done and takes knowing exactly what your audience is looking for and why. Your property management team can’t know everything though, which makes having a flexible, wide-reaching chatbot some of the best help your team can get. 

The best way to make sure your chatbot is able to serve a wide variety of people and requests is to optimize the questions it asks. From the beginning of the conversation to the conclusion, the right questions will help naturally guide both your bot and user toward the best solution for their specific query. 

So what questions should guide your bot? Let’s get into some of the most common types of questions your bot should utilize. 

1.Craft a friendly introductory probe

This is one of the first things a user will see and read, so it’s important that this first question is direct and open-ended. Introductory probes are questions that guide users to respond with a query or take a specific action. For example, “how can I help you?” is a super simple but effective way to get your user to engage with your bot. 

People tend to also respond best to bots that ‘speak’ in a friendly, conversational tone, so if you can craft something that evokes this tone, even better! Depending on your brand-specific POV and tone, you could embellish this first question by saying something like, “Well hello there! How can I help you?”. Chatbots provide a great way to showcase what makes your brand unique, so don’t be afraid to get creative! 

2. Get specific

Your multifamily chatbot is in place to help your audience find their next home, sign leases, and more. In order for your users to reach their end goal, your bot needs to be able to quickly determine your users’ needs. To do this, your guiding questions should be specific and targeted. For example, if a person is wanting to look for apartments available to rent, your bot shouldn’t just show every room available. Instead, your bot should ask specific questions that can guide a person to exactly what they’re looking for. Questions like, “how many beds are you looking for?” and, “Which price range looks about right?” are easy ways to narrow the field. 

3. Ask them how they’d like to contact you (and be contacted)

Sometimes, there’s only so much a bot can do before people want to speak with a human customer service representative. In cases like these, you’ll want to be proactive about asking how people want to contact you, and how they’d like to be contacted in the future. With a simple question, you can direct people to get in contact with your property management team via text, phone, email, or some other method. This is a great segue into how to ask for a user’s personal information. 

4. Ask for their information

Gaining personal information like emails and phone numbers from your users is important in tracking who’s using your bot and why. Additionally, if your bot’s interaction leads to an in-person engagement, it’s important to have peoples’ information on file. The thing is, most people won’t want to give out their info willy-nilly. Instead, your request for information should come up naturally within the context of your conversation. 

Instead of asking for their info right off the bat (or worse yet – gatekeeping information and resources until they submit their info), only ask for something once they’ve indicated they want to be contacted. Once they’ve chosen a method of contact, i.e. text, email, etc, then you can prompt them to submit their information with a friendly, “How can we best reach you?”. Don’t forget to ask for their first and last name as well! 

5. Give lots of choices

This last guideline is not so much a specific type of question you should ask, but how your questions should be framed. The best bots give users a lot of choices and flexibility, so don’t be afraid to give people lots of choices. The more choices you’re able to create, the more likely your bot will be able to take care of everything for your user, freeing up valuable time for your property teams to focus on other tasks. 

By building your bot around these guiding questions, you’ll not only help users reach the information and resources they need faster but will help free up valuable time that your leasing team can use to engage with renters and leads directly.


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