Why BetterBot ditched NLP and moved to Guided Conversation

From the beginning, BetterBot has adapted to changes as we’ve learned. Early on, we built the largest proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) database in the multifamily industry, and we scrapped it for several reasons. To understand why it’s essential to know the difference between NLP & Guided Conversation. NLP bots guide users through human-like conversations instead of giving users a predefined set of questions to choose from, like Guided Conversation. NLP bots analyze user queries for keywords and phrases and then answer accordingly. Here’s why we opted to move towards Guided Conversation for our bot: 

  • Guided Conversation doesn’t break
  • Less is more
  • Guided Conversation is fast and effective 

Guided Conversation doesn’t break.

Unlike Guided Conversation, NLP is highly inconsistent. It may be further developed in instances such as Alexa or Siri; however, in the multifamily industry, we found that using NLP meant the bot would break more times than not. One of the reasons being is that the bot must be trained for hundreds of question phrasing variations. We compiled over 80,000 notes from our bot and found we could only train 2,000 of those questions. It would become nearly impossible to train the bot for those different variants. We found that we could focus on answering those questions more simply by using Guided Conversation, and our bot would never break in the process. 

Less is more 

When prospects are looking for information, they want to be able to find it easily. When prospects arrive at an NLP bot, they may not know what to ask for. Additionally, most users have experience with bots breaking, so they may not know how to ask the question they want answers for. Guided Conversation allows for an easy way to answer questions most renters are looking for. BetterBot has done extensive research on what information prospects want to see, and we have adjusted our bot to meet these needs. 

Guided Conversation is fast and effective. 

When NLP bots break, they often will hand off the conversation to a live agent. What happens when that live agent takes more than 10 seconds to answer? The prospect is most often lost. With Guided Conversation, responses are immediate, which results in an effective conversation. BetterBot uses Guided Conversation to provide a seamless experience for prospective renters and share information quickly so that user’s attention is never lost. In addition, you can see exactly what conversations are happening and how effective they are through our reporting dashboard. 

AI can be a great tool in many cases; however, we have found Guided Conversation to be a superior product after testing different technologies in the multifamily space. Some of the biggest reasons Guided Conversation is so successful is because it never breaks; it’s simple, quick, and effective. We are constantly looking at technology to see where it has advanced and what pieces we can bring to our bot. For more information on the differences in bot types, CLICK HERE


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