Prospect Management Tools You Should Know About

Prospect management may sound like a daunting task, but it doesn’t need to be. Today’s property management companies are finding tools that help ease the process on their leasing teams in several different ways. A couple of the tools that you need to know about include: 

  • CRM 
  • Leasing Automation Tools 
  • Self-Guided Tours 
  • Chatbot Technology


Having the right CRM can make or break your prospect management process. CRM stands for customer relationship management, and typically this type of platform will allow teams to manage the customer’s interactions, prospect data, and share among the group. So how do you know if your CRM platform is working for you? There are many things you want to make sure your partners have. You will want to make sure your CRM allows you to see your prospect’s data effortlessly so that your team can manage communication. You’ll also want to make sure it supports your sales and marketing efforts. You should see where your prospects are coming from and how their leasing journey flows. 

One CRM that is making waves in the multifamily industry is Rent Dynamics’ CRM. Rent Dynamics’ CRM helps property management teams attract leads, qualify and manage prospects, and increase resident retention all in one spot. They have helped their clients see an average of 47% of leads converting to tours using their platform. Thanks to the intuitive UI and process streamlining within the tool, leasing agents who use Rent Dynamics’ CRM see extremely high engagement scores across emails, calls, and follow-ups. Utilizing a platform such as Rent Dynamics allows property management teams to save time and convert more leases across the board. 

Leasing Automation Tools

Leasing Automation tools allow your teams to streamline the process and save time. These tools can follow up with the prospect and find the most qualified leads, which would enable the site teams to spend more time on complex tasks that require more attention. For example, BetterBot’s latest product, BetterBot for leads, intercepts prospects at the point where they are gathering information. The bot then weeds out the people who are not serious about leasing at that community and only passes along the most qualified leads. 

Self-Guided Tour Technology

More and more renters prefer a self-guided tour interaction when exploring their potential home. Using self-guided tour technology allows them to schedule a tour on their terms and control the experience. Rently reports 83% of renters would take a self-guided tour if offered and 42% of self-guided tours completed come after hours and on weekends. With platforms such as Rently, the prospect undergoes a quick verification, a one-time use code to get into the unit, and customizable directions. Once the tour has been completed, the platform sends over a link to complete the application and continue the process, saving the leasing team time and allowing prospects to tour the property the way they want. 

Chatbot Technology

Chatbots allow potential customers to find the information they are looking for easily. They work 24/7/365 to give renters the information when they want, where they want, and how they want. Chatbots should handle menial tasks for the leasing team, which saves time, much like leasing automation tools. Using BetterBot’s chatbot technology coupled with leasing automation, properties saved an average of 57.4 hours per property per month. That’s more hours than one leasing agent would typically work in a week. When looking for a chatbot, it’s crucial to find one that can sit anywhere prospects are looking, including social media, ILSs, Google, and more. When utilizing a quality chatbot, leasing teams will save time, and prospects will get the answers they need. 

Again, we know that prospect management can sound like a huge responsibility. However, using the available tools for you and your teams will make a huge difference. To discover more tools that you can use designed for the multifamily industry, check out our article on Putting Together A Tech Stack That Makes Sense For Your Business.


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