How to Get Your Multifamily Team Ready For a Chatbot

So you’ve decided to take the next step forward in your multifamily business – that’s awesome! Integrating bot technology into your property management team’s workflow and processes is an incredible, cost-effective way to save time, convert leads, and meet the needs of today’s digital-first consumers. And the good news is, it’s never been easier to reap the benefits of a great chatbot solution. Ready to dive in? To help you manage the transition quickly and effectively, we’ve created this simple multifamily chatbot checklist to help you stay on track.  

Your multifamily chatbot checklist  

Decide on what kind of chatbot you want 

The first priority on your multifamily chatbot checklist is figuring out which type of bot you want to integrate into your website. We’ve got an excellent blog on understanding the different types of bots, but for time’s sake we’ll focus on guided-conversation bots in this guide. Also known as “rules-based” bots, guided conversation chatbots are like a choose-your-own-adventure game – they guide users through pre-determined scenario trees, helping them complete simple queries and access information. This is the type of bot technology we use at BetterBot! 

The great thing about guided conversation bots is that they’re highly adaptable. It’s easy to tailor your bot specifically to the needs of your property management team and residents. 

Give your bot a memorable personality

Your bot should be an extension of your brand. Is your brand tone of voice quirky and fun, informative and direct, or somewhere in between? Regardless of how you like to position yourself as a multifamily brand, it’s important to ensure your bot reflects that. Treat your bot like another member of the team – how would you want them to talk to residents and potential leads? 

Fortunately, it’s very simple to add a bit of personality to your bot. Using conversational language, integrating emojis, and even cracking a few jokes can go a long way in creating a great user experience. Oh, and don’t forget to give your bot a memorable name! 

Optimize your website

These days, it’s very tempting to stuff your multifamily website full of different widgets and CTAs. And while this might make you feel like your website is more professional and complete, it actually can be a big turn-off for prospective leads. Windows popping up every 5 seconds directing you to view a resource or enter your contact information is overwhelming and distracting. Instead of bombarding perspectives with too many widgets on your homepage, integrate them into your chatbot. 

Multifamily chatbots can handle a variety of functions, from virtual tours, to appointment scheduling and more. And when it comes to collecting contact info, a bot makes it much easier to collect info in an organic, conversational way. 

Integrate your chatbot into Google, Craigslist and social media

This is one of the most important parts of your multifamily chatbot checklist. You want your bot to show up everywhere your brand has a digital presence – not just on your website. For many property management teams, that might mean Google My Business, Yelp, Craigslist, and social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. At BetterBot, we make it easy to integrate your chatbot wherever you have a digital presence. That way, you can interact with customers on the platforms they’re already on!

Alert your current residents

One of the great things about having a chatbot is that they don’t just help prospective residents find the property of their dreams – they can also be a helpful resource to current residents as well. Add phone numbers, maintenance forms, and even calendars for upcoming events to your chatbot to make it an invaluable resource – and don’t forget to tell everyone that it’s available! 

Keep your bot up-to-date

Once your bot has been created, it’s a great idea to keep it updated every few months with new information. A good rule of thumb is to update your bot every time your team has new information, whether that be updated floor plans, leasing specials, or hours of operation. 

Taking advantage of bot technology has never been easier, and with a little effort, you can transform the way you and your team run your property management business for the better. Bookmark this page and share this multifamily chatbot checklist with your team so they can always access it as a reference. 

Explore the latest trends in multifamily and chabot technology on the BetterBot blog! 


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