Features that make the apartment search journey easier

When I searched for my apartment, I had an excel spreadsheet, notebooks, and random sticky notes everywhere to keep track of all my findings. 

Do you know what would have made this all better? A magic lamp where a genie would fly out and make apartment shopping easier!

Because apartment shopping is everything, but easy…

However, there are a few features that prospecting renters should look out for that will make their apartment journey easier. 

3D Tours

Let’s start with my favorite… 3D tours! 

3D tours have saved me a lot of time when it comes to looking at an apartment’s layout and seeing if it works for me.

Gone are the days where you have to schedule an appointment to see a unit. 

Now, I can view an apartment’s layout in the comfort of my home as TV is playing in the background… This is the life I have always aimed for. 

For some communities, 3D tours are also available to see amenities such as the clubhouse, gym, pool and so much more. 

I’ve always loved when there are 3D tours of the entire community because it gave me the opportunity to see if the complex fit all my needs.

Sometimes a complex had amenities I wasn’t even aware I needed such as study rooms and an indoor bowling room! 

Having the ability to “walk” through the 3D tour allowed me to see the entire facility as if I were standing in the room!

This is one of the many cutting-edge features that BetterBot offers. 


Remember a few seconds ago when I said that a magic genie would make apartment hunting easier?

BetterBot’s chat offers what I call an apartment hunter’s magic genie. 

BetterBot has developed chatbots to help prospective renters find their home by asking them a range of questions that get them thinking about their wants and needs

The intuitive apartment chatbot takes the stress out of apartment searching by finding the perfect apartment matches based on how the prospecting renter answers to the questions.

Neighborhood Insights

But why stop there? 

This chatbot goes the extra mile in providing them with neighborhood insight! 

Is nightlife important to your prospecting renter? Well, tell them to dust off their dancing shoes.

BetterBot will highlight all the nightlife hotspots near their future apartment so they can see if what’s around the apartment complex will suit their everyday life. 

Talk about easy! 

Local Entertainment Suggestions

Okay, okay… For the renters who like more of a slower-paced lifestyle, BetterBot has great categories for them too! They can explore entertainment, fine dining, cafes, shopping, parks, and more!

No longer will they have to “drive around” to get a better idea of the surrounding areas and what it has to offer, it is now available at the touch of their fingertips. 

The chatbot also eliminates the standard information form. 

No longer will renters have to wait for leasing offices to call them back to provide them information the renter can get all the information they need in real-time.

Renters can find out the price, size, amenities, and availability all in a few minutes. 

This doesn’t only improve the user experience but makes decision-making quick and easy. 

I know, I know… the BetterBot chatbot is not exactly a giant blue magic genie trapped in a lamp, but it puts some amazing tools at the prospecting renter’s disposal that will make their apartment search easier! 


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Well hello there.