3 Reasons Why You Need BetterBot’s Apartment Chatbot For Leads

You don’t need more leads, you need BETTER ones. In a world where leads are coming at you left and right, it’s important to make sure each one is getting proper attention. That’s why we created BetterBot For Leads. We’ll handle the busy work so your team can focus on more important tasks. 

What does BetterBot For Leads do? 

BetterBot For Leads immediately follows up with leads from your marketing sources to convert them effortlessly to tours and maximize leases. When someone finds your community on an ILS and decides they want to contact you, they will be led to BeeBee. We will then help find out which leads are viable leads for your property and funnel those leads to your CRM for further action. Leads who are not qualified will funnel to a different channel to be handled as you see fit. No more sifting through leads to find out which are going to take action. Let us do the hard work so your teams can focus on converting those qualified leads. 

3 reasons why you need it: 

1. Never miss a prospect 

Renters want information 24/7/365. BetterBot For Leads works around the clock to ensure your prospects are always taken care of. We’ll follow up with every single lead and share the valuable information that they are looking for. 

2. More qualified leads 

Some leads you just don’t need….some you do. Let us help you figure out which ones to keep. BetterBot manages leads from any marketing source and converts 3x faster than your standard ILS. We have over 50% open rates on our follow-ups. 16.9% of opens click to our bot and nearly 30% of prospects become leads. 

3. Ease the workload on your teams

At times, we know it can be overwhelming working on site. That’s why one of our top goals is to ease the workload on your teams. We understand that your team members should be working to establish relationships with prospects and residents alike, not spending all their time qualifying leads. That’s why BetterBot For Leads does all the heavy lifting by identifying which leads are most likely to turn into leases. 

How do I get set up?

Easy! Contact our sales team HERE and we can share more information with you. Pricing varies depending on portfolio size. Our onboarding process is one of the smoothest you’ll experience so don’t hesitate to get started today. 


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