Leveraging Marketing Automation to Improve Your Leasing Journey

As technology constantly evolves, customers are increasingly looking for ways they can have a hyper-connected experience. We had the opportunity to host a panel at AIM Reconnect where we talked about leveraging marketing automation to increase your leasing journey with Trevor Park, (Head of Marketing at BetterBot), Stephanie Soderberg (Sr. Director, Growth Marketing at Apartment List), Paul Edgeman (VP of Marketing & Technology at Thrive Communities), and Mike Wolber (Chief Revenue Officer at Rent Dynamics). Some of the important questions that were covered include:

  • How do you continue to drive personalized content to your audience?
  • What is one of the largest obstacles with marketing automation in multifamily and how are those systems adopted?
  • How do you use technology to maximize your team and campaign effectiveness?

Let’s dive a bit deeper into each of these. 

Stephanie Soderberg, Sr. Director of Growth Marketing at ApartmentList, shares that it’s important to find the right renters. She mentions that it’s important to look at the lead channels and understand the signals you are feeding back to your leads. She also talks about the importance of leveraging machine learning to automate the way we market to renters even more effectively. 

Paul Edgeman, VP of Marketing & Technology at Thrive Communities, talks about making the most of the platforms you have in place. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining your historical data while at the same time, taking advantage of technology. He shares why it’s important to adapt a holistic approach to evaluating tools and finding which ones help your conversion rates. 

Mike Wolber, Chief Revenue Officer at Rent Dynamics, addresses technology and how you can measure what’s working with your technology. It’s important to evaluate where your problems and opportunities lie and how you can tackle them. He shares the importance of participating in A/B testing and evaluating what’s working so that you can make the most of your marketing dollars. 

Trevor Park, Head of Marketing at BetterBot, reiterates the importance of participating in A/B testing. He shares that without solid testing, it will be difficult to effectively figure out which conversion tools are working for you. He talks about how we can take marketing automation to the next level by evaluating what is producing high success rates for your specific product. 

When leveraging marketing automation, it’s important to evaluate what is actually improving your leasing journey vs. what is hindering it. In this discussion, our guests ponder this topic and share in-depth insights on exactly how you can find what’s right for you. Check out the full video here if you’d like to catch all the insights these special guests shared. 


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