KETTLER and BetterBot Success

We are so grateful for our valuable partnerships. We’ve seen some amazing success at KETTLER using the BetterBot platform. Daryl is the SVP and Chief Marketing Officer at KETTLER and mainly focuses on building a fully integrated omnichannel marketing platform while growing KETTLER’s brand presence. Daryl boasts over 20 years of experience and is highly motivated in the areas of consumer acquisition, retention, customer experience, digital marketing, and communications strategy. He has worked closely with some of the largest Multifamily companies and is an advocate for the consumer. He is also passionate about connecting brands through digital technology and data. Daryl shares his experience with BetterBot and how he has been able to leverage this partnership to bring success over at KETTLER.

Wondering how it’s done? Daryl Smith, SVP & Chief Marketing Officer at KETTLER spills the beans. Find out how BetterBot helps lease more apartments.

Interested in learning about some of the results that BetterBot has produced? We’ve got you covered.

On the fence about adding BetterBot to your site? Daryl has some great insight for you.

Again, we are so grateful for relationships such as ours with Daryl at KETTLER. For further information on how BetterBot is improving the renter journey and making things easier for leasing teams, CLICK HERE.


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