Introducing BetterBot’s Dashboard 2.0

It’s finally here! BetterBot is introducing our new and improved BetterDashboard making it easier than ever to visualize leasing velocity, track marketing performance, and save your leasing team time. Our goal? To provide you a better user and customer experience  A few of the added benefits include:

  1. Quick snapshot of performance
  2. Personalize the chatbot
  3. Easy omnichannel marketing source management (grab link to distribute to channels)
  4. Unique protocols / conversation modifications
  5. Export and schedule reports
  6. Manage specials, amenities, gallery, resident portal, maps, virtual tours
  7. Track all conversations, even afterhours
  8. Track the traffic sources

Quick Snapshot of Performance

With this improved dashboard you will see a breakdown of the total number of Greetings, Conversations, Answers, Virtual Tours & Videos, Handoffs, Follow-Ups, and Appointments provided to a single property. Additionally, this provides a full breakdown of all the prospects that were handed off to a property via follow-ups or appointments. Seth Kaplan, Regional Marketing Director at Cushman and Wakefield says, “When it comes to marketing metrics, I use BetterBot’s 2.0 Dashboard as a source of truth for evaluating Marketing Source Performance data and reviewing property lead velocity.”

Personalize the Chatbot

Personalize your chatbot all the way down to the property level. You can decide if you want to use your corporate branding, property specific branding, or keep it simple with BetterBot’s branding. You are able to change color, logo, and the phrases that show above your chat bot. 

Easy Omnichannel Marketing Source Management

Within the dashboard you will be able to manage your omnichannel marketing sources. You can take a look at what sources your team is utilizing such as Craigslist, Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, Yelp, and so much more. Grab links easily so that you can put them anywhere you get your traffic. 

Unique Protocols

Within the dashboard you can set up unique protocols such as different COVID-19 procedures. You can specify if your community offers 3D or virtual tours, in-person appointments, self-guided tours, phone appointments, or live video tours. Plus you can easily update this information as conditions change. 

Export and Schedule Reports

Get reporting at the touch of a button. You can pull reports to share with your team or you can schedule them to go out automatically to save time. Keep track of how your bot is doing and what traffic is being handled. 

Manage Everything in One Place

All your properties, at your command. See how all your property’s bots are doing all within one dashboard. You can go between each community to find out how much traffic the bot is handling and what conversations are happening. 

Track All Conversations, even After Hours

Our bots are designed to take care of traffic when your agents are unavailable. Handling after hours traffic is a huge part of what we are made for! A bulk of traffic comes in after hours, which is why it’s so important that we help you manage it. With this dashboard you can track what after hours conversations are happening and see what information renters are searching for. 

Track Traffic Sources

Last but definitely not least, track your traffic more effectively. Our new dashboard allows you to track where your bot traffic is coming from and which channels are most effective for your properties. 

What Are You Waiting for? Take it  for a Spin! 

As you can see there are so many added benefits to our 2.0 dashboard, which is why we are so excited for you to try it out. We are constantly making updates to our products so that our users are getting the most out of the service we provide. 


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