Generate better leads by using a chatbot on your website

Bots are the best tool to generate leads on your builder website.

These days when people visit websites they are faced with pesky contact forms popping up out every corner, invitations to chat with a live person or suggestions to subscribe to a newsletter.
The reality is that these methods of customer engagement rarely provide decent results and can often have negative effects on customer satisfaction scores. Cost can also be a huge problem especially in the case of live chat. You spend a big chunk of your marketing budget to bring visitors to your website only to see “agent is not available” when trying a live chat.

Chatbots can be effectively deployed to solve many of these problems. With recent advances in AI chatbots can help brands better engage with website visitors that will be more willing to share their information. Here are more potential benefits that you can expect by deploying a chatbot on your website:

  • Help visitors in realtime, no waiting for an agent and no time gaps between agent responses.
  • Engage with visitors 24 hours a day.
  • Focus your live agent on higher value activities while offloading menial tasks to your chatbot.
  • Offer a consistent experience in multiple channels like Facebook, SMS and Web.
  • Your chatbot can provide real value that will encourage visitors to share more information.
  • Chat transcripts can be forwarded to live agents for seamless handoff.
  • Sentiment analysis can measure how visitors really feel about your brand message.

Start generating more qualified leads and consider adding an AI chatbot to your digital arsenal.

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