Automation Meets Autonomy as BetterBot Integrates with Rently

Announcing BetterBot’s newest partnership and integration with Rently.

Today’s prospective renter wants accurate information 24/7/365 which is where BetterBot’s automated technology comes into play. But it doesn’t stop there as renter prospects want a hands-on experience at all hours of the day, and that’s where Rently enters the picture.

“We are incredibly excited to have integrated with BetterBot for Rently’s self-guided tours,” said Andre Jordan Sanchez, COO of Rently. “BetterBot and Rently working together will further automate the leasing workflow, creating a seamless experience for the prospective renter. Operators leveraging the BetterBot-Rently integration will reduce time on market, decrease operating costs and increase NOI.”

Rently’s integration with BetterBot gives prospective tenants a more seamless experience by providing them an option to tour a community on their own. Prospects can easily click on a link that redirects them to a webpage where they can select units and schedule their self-guided tour. Coming soon is an additional integration that would allow prospects to pre-book a Rently Self-Guided Tour within BetterBot. When complete this integration will allow prospects to secure their tour inside the bot experience regardless of what channel they started the conversation such as the property website, Facebook, Google My Business, Yelp, Instagram, Twitter or any other place BetterBot can be deployed.

“Rently has done an excellent job bringing the concept and technology of self-guided tours to the Multifamily Industry,” said Robert Turnbull, President, COO & Founder of BetterBot. “Given both our companies’ services such as a large number of properties in our Industry it was no surprise we had a great deal of overlap, so an integration became an absolute necessity.”

About Rently

Rently provides self-guided touring and enterprise smart-home platforms for both single-family and multi-family operators. From lockboxes and keyless locks, to full smart-home integrations, the platforms offer convenient and cost-effective solutions to optimize and scale your business. Rently works with more than 3000 operators, facilitating over 13 million self-tours and holds 8 patents on self-touring and access control by the USPTO.

About BetterBot

Today’s renter wants control over the leasing process and access to information wherever, whenever, but today’s leasing team simply can’t keep up. BetterBot is Multifamily’s most adopted digital leasing solution providing renters the information they want 24/7/365 anywhere on the Internet. Using the most technologically advanced software to answer the renters’ questions about the community, BetterBot showcases floor plans, virtual tours, specials and amenities while driving them to schedule in-person, self-guided, live-video and phone appointments. BetterBot is the round-the-clock leasing assistant of choice, freeing up leasing teams from low-value, menial and repetitive tasks so they can do what they do best, being human. 

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