Ways To Know A New Tool Is Worth Using

Your tech should be working for you, not against you. When bringing on any new tool, there are a few things you want to look out for. There are so many amazing tools designed to make life easier for you and your teams; however, it’s important to be selective with which tools you bring on so that you and your teams are not overwhelmed. We’ve put together a few ways that you can know your tools are worth bringing on, including: 

  • Purpose & Functionality
  • Integrations & Partnerships
  • Information & Reporting
  • Value & Pricing

Purpose & Functionality

Consider the purpose of the tool you are looking at. Think about why you need this specific tool. Then keep in mind how this particular tool functions. Ask yourself if the functionality fits the purpose you are trying to fulfill. Complete a demo or a trial of the product to find out how it works and make sure it has all the features you are looking for. If possible, read reviews or chat with someone who has used the product before to see how it works in the real world. Will this tool solve the problem you are trying to resolve? Ask yourself these critical questions before making any decisions.

Integrations & Partnerships

Next, consider how the tool integrates and partners with other platforms. You shouldn’t need to limit the functionality of other tools for a new one to fit in. If a new partner asks you to limit the functionality of one tool to bring on theirs, that can be a red flag. Make sure the tools you are considering integrate with the products you are already using to bring you the most useful functionality. 

Information & Reporting

You will want to ensure that your new tools have great analytics tools. Find out if the reporting that is offered will show you metrics relevant to your business practices. Your reporting should help you make decisions about how you do business, but that can only happen if you see the correct information to form those processes. Confirm that the tool you are using is transparent about information and openly sharing that with you. If you’re able to pull or schedule reporting from a dashboard, that is a great sign. 

Value & Pricing

Find out what the pricing is going to be to bring on this new tool. Is this realistic for your budget? You’ll also want to consider the value you are receiving for the price. Can you find similar features for a better price or even for free? Many tools will offer a free trial period or a testing feature that can help you figure out if this tool is worth bringing on. 

We know that sometimes adding new tools can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! We recommend considering 3-5 different options and comparing what they have to offer against the price. Often it can be helpful to create a spreadsheet that includes all the features you are looking for and marking off which ones are available on the platforms you are looking at. It may sound like a lot of effort; however, it’s better to put in the time upfront choosing the right product rather than rolling out a new tool that doesn’t perform. That way, you do not have to roll out a different product in a short time. Remember, your tools are there to help you and not make things harder. So be sure to select the best tools that are right for you and your team.


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